12 Easy Ways for Retirees to Make Money in Retirement

A retiree is someone who has retired from active working. This doesn’t mean that he cannot make extra money in spare time.

Today, many retirees or pensioners are making extra money to live out their lives. They have embraced a lot of options to make money in their spare time.

If you are a retiree, then you should not laze about, stay bored and wait for death!

Rather, you should use this time to create some excitement back into your life by making extra money.

That said, here are some easy but effective ways for retirees to make extra money in their spare time.


1. Recycle Your Old Products or Items

If you have any ‘recyclable’ item in your home then you can it to make extra money.

Recyclable products can be reprocessed to be used again as raw materials.

These include items like old mobile phones, cardboard papers, scrap metals, old plastic containers, etc.

You can start collected these products today and start making money after selling to the recycling companies.


2. Take Good Photographs and Sell Them

You can take photographs to make extra money as a retiree.

It should interest you to know that many website owners and businesses need pictures of just about “anything” to promote their products, posts, and pages.

If you have a good digital camera or a smartphone with sharp lenses then start making money by snapping quality pictures of landmarks, vacations, holidays, seminars, weddings, etc.

You then register with online marketplaces like Shutterstock.com to upload and sell the pictures.


3. Develop and Run Websites or Blogs to Sell

It is possible you have the passion to build and run websites. If so, then this is your time to make money as a retiree.

You can use programs like WordPress.org, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger.com, etc, to build websites or blogs even if you don’t have programming knowledge.

You can invest some little money on a domain name and a hosting plan to have your blog or website published online.

If your website is about a hot niche or topic then your chances of making money online will increase.

More so, as a retiree, you can build websites for others and earn extra money in the process.


4. Sell Your Mural Painting Skill

If you have the talent for mural painting then you can use display your creativity and make extra money as a retiree.

A Mural painting is a painting that is applied to a wall surface. With your paintbrush, you can make walls, rooms, and the environment look artistic and beautiful!

You can start promoting your talent by painting murals for friends, colleagues, family and those around your neighborhood.

Those that are satisfied with your painting can refer others to you. This way, you will attract more clients and get more rewards for your skill and creativity!

You can sign up with websites like Findamuralist.com and list your mural painting services.


5. Babysit or Do Nanny Job for Others

You can make extra money by the side as a retiree if can use your spare time to babysit children for friends and neighbors.

If your home has extra space then you can use to look after the children of those are engaged or away at work.

Depending on your city or location, you may be required to register with the appropriate authority as a babysitter or nanny.

You would be making extra money by babysitting kids for a few hours in a day.


6. Officiate Events in Your Locality

If you have the eloquence, language and skill to perform as Master of Ceremony or M.C. then should put these skills into use and make extra money during events.

You can officiate at special events like weddings, birthday parties, and conferences, anniversaries, and so on, for others.

People can refer you to others who will like you to MC their events. This way, you can charge the clients and make more money as a retiree!


7. Create and Sell Handmade Crafts

Handmade crafts can earn you money as a retiree. You can sell items like beads, jewelry, and other items made with hands.

These items can be displayed and sold in marketplaces like Etsy.com or Amazon.com. You can also choose to sell these handicrafts at the nearest flea market or at your local stores.

The quality of your knitting, metal-smithing, woodwork or felting, etc would make it easier for your handmade craft to be accepted and sold.

So, create and sell quality handmade crafts and start making extra money if you are a retiree!


8. Do Paint, Draw, Print or Sculpture Job to Earn Money

You can paint, draw, print or sculpt and make money in retirement.

Yes, if you are a retiree with skills in painting pictures, drawing diagrams, printing signs and images on objects, or sculpting on stones and woods, etc., then start using those skills to make extra money.

Sculpted woods, paper wall paintings, printed gift items, and other works of arts can be created and sold by a retiree for money.

You can sell these items at online marketplaces like Etsy.com, eBay and Amazon.

You can also register with websites like Fiverr.com and get paid doing paint, draw, print or sculpt jobs for others.


9. Sell Your Old Books for Money

You can make extra money as a retiree by selling some of your old books.

Those used textbooks, fictional novels, or non-fictional materials stocked in your private library can be dusted and sold to make extra money.

You will find potential buyers that have applied through sites like Barnes & Noble, Valore Books, and BookScouter, etc.

You can also register with these sites as a seller. Make sure that you understand the requirements of these websites that run a buy-back program.

These websites want your books to be in good condition. Also, it is best that ISBN numbers of the books are still intact.  These will facilitate a speedy sale, and there would be more money for your taking!


10. Do Online Consulting for Individuals and Businesses

You can consult with businesses or individuals online and make money as a retiree.

For a few hours, you can offer your professional advice to help companies solve problems or help improve the growth of a business.

As an online consultant, you can set up a website where those needing your professional service can subscribe as members.

You can charge renewable subscription fees for the time and knowledge you shared on a specific consulting project.


11. Render Online Tutorial Services

If you can teach specific subjects or topics to students and make extra money online. This is one important way that you can make money as a retiree.

You can apply for an online tutoring job from sites like Tutor.com, HappyTutor.com, VIPKIDs, etc.

You can also create your own website and have students register to learn from you.

Online tutorials can also be packaged in the form of downloadable videos, e-books, or audios.

You just need to ensure that you provide quality teaching as a retiree and you are going to be making more money this way.


12. Take Online Surveys and Get Paid

If you are one of those that loves to surf the web for information and shopping then you can make money by taking part in online surveys.

There are sites which pay members to answer a few questions in a survey.

For your time, you would be regularly rewarded with cash or gift cards which can then be used to purchase real items.

Some of the most popular online survey sites you check out include Swagbucks.com, InboxDollars, and Opinion Outpost, etc.

Just read the terms of service of any of these sites and start earning by taking online surveys.

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