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How To Get Paid To Chat and 10 Best Companies That Really Pay

You can get paid good money for chatting online. You simply signup with a platform that pays you to chat with their clients.

This is one of the ways you can follow to make extra money online today.

All you need do is employ your basic chatting skills to talk, flirt, advise or entertain clients or listeners. You get paid to chat.

There are many websites where you can register with and start earning money just chatting.

These platforms offer you the opportunity to work from anywhere.

They may also provide you with the technical support you need to effectively carry out your duties.

So, here are what you should do to make money chatting. You can also take advantage of websites that pay.


How to make money chatting

Making money chatting is simple. You sign up with any website or app that recruits individuals to answer questions on specific issues.

Some operators are paid to flirt or sext with clients via their platforms.

Other websites simply pay individuals to answer questions relating to specific brands or products via surveys, emails, SMS, Webcam and another messaging device.

You can be paid by the hour or via the number of words you sent, the amount of time you spent, or you are allowed to set your price.

What you earn via chatting is dependent on the platform, the client, and the type of conversations you engage in.

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Best Websites that really pay you to chat

Here are some of the best websites where you can make money chatting.


1. Presto Experts  

Presto Experts is a platform where you can chat with clients. You get to engage with new clients via online chat, phone or email.

You can work with this company to help people who need your expert advice.

You can sign up with this platform and provide tutoring, counseling, or other services that relate to marketing.

PrestoExperts has thousands of visitors, and so it easy to learn that visitors will contact you. You can earn a high amount if you get higher ratings from clients.

When you sign up to chat with people who need your education and tutoring, then you can get connected with via Instant chat, PrestoExperts Voice Connect feature, or email.

You can set your fees, work from home and work at your discretion.


2. ChatOperatorJobs 

ChatOperatorJobs is a website that employs people to make money while they chat with others. You are to expected to partake in strong adult-orientated messages

You can sign up with this platform to answer questions from clients or customers. In most cases, this platform employs people who can answer typed messages for their adult fantasy websites.

There are many advantages to working with ChatOperatorJobs. These include:

  • You get paid to chat with clients using your cell phone, tablet or computer to send and receive messages
  • You can work part-time or full-time at your schedule
  • You can from anywhere and even from the comfort of your home.
  • You don’t need the experience to start and you can start chatting and making money immediately.
  • You get paid via Paypal weekly.

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3. Chat Recruit 

Chat Recruit is known as The UK’s number one online service for performance worldwide! It is a website where you can sign up with to make money chatting with others.

Specifically, you get paid to chat with people who need advice, entertainment, or information through the chat.

This site is suitable for models and women who would like to earn money at home running their own home-based business.

You can sign up  ChatRecruit recruit to chat with clients’ phones, Webcam, and direct messaging. You can easily use your laptop, PC, mobile or tablet.

The benefits of working with Chat Recruit include:

  • You can work at your schedule and be your boss
  • You get paid directly to your bank account
  • You enjoy a safe, discreet and on hand 24/7 support while using this platform.


4. Text121Chat

Text121Chat is a website that provides a lot of texting and chatting jobs for users. You can make money chatting with this site if you sign up and meet their requirements.

Text121Chat provides premium SMS text and specialized services that include Clean SMS & MMS Chat, Tarot, Trivia, Anything Answered, Adult, Domination, BBW and Fetish chats.

So, if you can offer solutions to clients on these and other chats then you can be earning constant money with Text121Chat.

This website is popular with sex operator and so you should expect to work as a skilled sex operator on this platform.

Text121Chat offers many benefits to operators which include:

  • You will be fully trained to ensure adherence with industry best practice and the latest premium rates service techniques
  • You can work from home or from anywhere you want.
  • You get paid using this platform to chat.


5. The Chat Shop 

The Chat Shop is a live chat expert. This website connects clients with chat operators who help provide them with relevant information and data through conversations.

Individuals and businesses make use of the chat agents of this company to increase their leads.

You can sign up with this platform to start making money chatting with different clients today.


6. MetroOpinion 

MetroOpinion is a unique website where individuals and institutions consult with for answers. You can work with this platform to provide solutions to organizations through chats.

You are paid for your opinions as you complete every survey forwarded to you.

This chat service sends surveys directly to your email. You are informed about the length of the email and how much you will be compensated.

Other websites you can check out include:

7. Accolade Support

8. Dream Lover

9. Lip Service

10. Liveops



The above how you can make money chatting. Some of the best websites that pay you to chat with clients or customers have been discussed above.

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