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How To Get Paid To Watch Netflix (6 Best Ways that Work)

Looking for how to get paid to watch Netflix?

Then make sure you read all of this article as it shows you how to really get paid to watch Netflix.


Are you a fan of Netflix?

Do you feel guilty slouching all day long glued to the screen?

You do not need to be anymore.

The good news is, you can now watch Netflix from various platforms where you will get paid.

There are ways of watching Netflix and making money from the hobby.

From the Netflix creators themselves, there is one unique way to do that.

But you need to be schooled in the film industry for this position. “How?” You may wonder. Read on to know.


5 Best Ways To Make Money Watching Netflix

Below are 5 of the best ways to get paid just or watching Netflix:


1. Become a Netflix Tagger

You can become a Netflix tagger or also known as an editorial or creative analyst. It means you tag programs with keywords that will direct viewers to what they are looking for.

This method is how the subcategories made by Netflix are created. Like “dramas based on contemporary literature,” and “award-winning visually striking auteur cinema,” among others.

The tags help people get to the movie or show they are looking for. It is how Netflix manages to keep you glued to the screen.

They know that if you watched a particular program, you are likely to be a fan of something similar, and they are ready to suggest it.

Chances are, you’ll watch what they recommend. The other reason for tagging is to rate, annotate, and write an analysis of the films and shows you watch.

Qualifications of a Netflix tagger

Apart from having an account with Netflix, you should have other essentials.

The qualifications are not laid down. They are assumed or implied by the type of taggers they have had in the past.

One Netflix tagger was interviewed, and he had a degree in screenwriting and a Critical Film Studies Masters.

If you have experience in the film industry, you could have a shot.

Likewise, if you have studied film or something similar, you will also have an edge.

When and where will you find the jobs?

Netflix puts up these jobs on their website, so you have to keep checking on their “Careers” portal.

Keep monitoring as often as you can so that you do not miss the chance. Bookmarking the page would be in order.

Because the position will be eyed by many, always make sure your resume is ready.

To sell yourself, don’t forget to showcase your experience and make sure to put in everything.


  • You get to work and be entertained at the same time.
  • You obtain more experience in film.
  • You work on a schedule that follows your availability.


  • There’s high competition for the spot.


2. Join Swagbucks To Get Paid While Watching Netflix

You can stream Netflix through the Swagbucks portal and make money from the process.

The way it works is simple…

You get rewarded with points that you can later redeem into cash or gift cards.

Signing up is free.

You get rewarded $5 for simply creating an account with them.

When you watch, you get Swagbucks (SB) points, and 100 points are the equivalent of $10.


  • You will get a $5 reward for signing up.
  • Their redeeming options are convenient.
  • They provide many ways to earn extra cash.


  • You will have to be committed to get significant earnings.

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3. Earn Money Watching Netflix through InboxDollars 

This online company has been around since the year 2000. They received the Inc. 5000 Award for Outstanding Growth.

When you watch Netflix videos, they will reward you with scratch-off cards. These may give you $10, and even $50.

The value increases as you keep trying.


  • You will get $5 just for signing up.
  • They will pay you a dollar for referring someone to them.
  • There are various options of payment for you to choose from.


  • They have a minimum amount of money you have to earn before they can pay you.

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4. Watch Netflix in Nielsen Digital Voice and Get Paid

Nielsen Digital Voice is a well-known company that has been around for many years.

They pay for people to watch their video and TV programs online.

You can also earn more by sharing your opinion on the experience.

To top it all, the company has a monthly draw where one can win $10,000. You can start by joining their panel.


  • They have attractive rewards.
  • You can join as a family.
  • It has had a reputable standing for many years.


  • You may become too engaged to do anything else.


5. Stream Netflix through MyPoints and Earn

MyPoints will pay you to watch Netflix videos. This method is similar to Swagbucks and InboxDollar.

Here, to earn, you have to watch playlists and not merely single videos.

You have to play the entire playlist and receive your points when it completes.

You may decide to stop it or pause when you feel like it, but to get the points, the playlist has to auto-play until the end.

Watch videos straight from their portal through your laptop or desktop computer.

If you have your Android or smartphone, you can watch from these, too. Simply download the MyPoints application, sign up, and start streaming videos.


  • Videos may be viewed anywhere you are.
  • You get paid to watch videos.
  • You can redeem the points for other rewards.


  • You have to be ready to watch a playlist.


6. Make Money and Get Paid Streaming Netflix through AppTrailers 

AppTrailers is a program that pays you for watching all sorts of videos. You can, therefore, view Netflix videos and get paid.

You earn points that you can redeem through PayPal in cash or gift cards.


  • You earn while getting entertained.
  • It is simple and quick to cash in.
  • You keep up with the movie industry.


  • Consistency is the only way to earn more.



If you are among people who like watching shows and movies on Netflix, being a tagger is for you. You can build a career in something that you enjoy doing.

Be on the look-out for the job on their website. You can become the next Netflix part-time employee. But you have to want it to get it.

You can also stream Netflix through other platforms. These are some that will help you earn by watching Netflix videos through InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and MyPoints.

The great thing is that whether you are experienced in the film industry or not, you can still watch Netflix and get paid.

It is as simple as downloading some applications and signing up.

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